Steps To Reach Your Potential!

You wouldn't expect a doctor to perform a surgery without first determining the root of the medical condition. Similarly, we cannot adequately perform our job without performing a detailed assessment of your athlete. If you are interested in training for SPORT PERFORMANCE, you'll begin with your first training session where you will have our postural restoration specialist measure joint function and neuromuscular asymmetries. Next, there will be a full assessment with


based on the simple but powerful premise that vision is a learned skill, and like any other learned skill it can be improved with practice. Now, one of our qualified coaches will put you through a series of 8-10 tests to determine your strengths & weaknesses in the areas of speed (both acceleration & top speed), jumping ability, coordination, quickness, muscular power & muscular endurance. We use a proprietary system that takes in to account the athletes age and sport to determine which areas of physical capacity the athlete needs to address to achieve their potential. Results of the session will be made available to athletes & their parents.


Based on the results of your first session, our expert coaches will help you to determine the best plan of action. We offer a variety of training options that cover a wide range of financial & time commitments from completely private training sessions to group only sessions. Private sessions allow the coach to work 1-on-1 on aspects of performance that are very specific to that particular athlete. Semi-Private sessions follow specific themes (speed, strength, hybrid) that can be selected based on the needs or schedule of the athletes in that time slot. Semi-private sessions are not as individualized as private sessions but provide greater interaction with and motivation from other athletes.


Learn from the Best!

The Metal Chapter’s sports performance training program has produced some of the most successful athletes in Houston. The program is intended for athletes from 6th grade through 12th grade. We provide the same science, field-proven training methods that we use with our professional athletes in the age and developmentally appropriate manner. Programs are based on an individual assessment and take in the account the

athlete’s sport(s), special needs, and schedule availability. We provide the option for private and/or semi-private training for athletes for varying durations of commitment and our expert coaches are able to adjust training to maximize performance whether the athlete is in their off-season or in the midst

of multiple team sports, or a championship run!


I highly recommend and endorse The Metal Chapter and the work of Heidi and Barry Johnson in training the advanced athlete with goals of achieving peak performance as well as the non-athlete attempting to improve their quality of life. Heidi worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach at an NCAA Division I school where I coached and had the opportunity to see her work first hand on a daily basis and the impact she had on our athletes in both the physical and mental realms of high level competition. The "teaming up" of the expertise and experience in coaching creates the most unique opportunity I have ever observed in the advanced field of strength training and conditioning and how these areas can positively impact performance. Whether you are gearing up to improve athletic performance or simply to trying to become a better "you", The Metal Chapter receives my highest recommendation as skilled professionals and as quality people to handle your training.

-Daron Schoenrock, University of Memphis Baseball

We have a saying at TMC:

Train. Get Better. Repeat.

This underscores the importance of putting in regular training sessions to improve your performance. Once your training program has been designed, now it's time for you to put in work. Our expert coaches will work with you every step of the way to ensure you're getting what you've paid for, but more importantly, to ensure you get better! Over the course of every athlete's training plan, we regularly reassess performance & keep track of progress to ensure you're getting the most out of your training.

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